Exposed Aggregate Concrete in Cincinnati, OH

If you’re looking to add character or color to the surfaces around the outside of your home, consider exposed aggregate concrete. This decorative concrete provides a robust and slip-resistant surface for anything from driveways to pool decks and patios.


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Exposed Aggregate Concrete

Exposed aggregate concrete refers to the process used to “expose” the aggregate on the surface of the concrete. The aggregate is either mixed into the concrete or laid on top once it is poured. Decorative aggregate materials range from pebbles to glass, depending on your desired look. Some of the most popular aggregates include limestone and granite. Whatever you choose, you have endless customization options to choose from.

Types of Exposed Aggregate Concrete

When people talk about the types of exposed aggregate concrete, they mean the methods used to expose the aggregate, not the type of concrete used. Every exposed aggregate surface combines cement, water, and aggregate material. The differences in methods include: 

  • Standard: adding the aggregate to the concrete mixture and wiping away the top layer while it is still wet, exposing the aggregate finish.
  • Topping: Applying a thin layer of aggregate mix on dry concrete.
  • Seeding: After pouring plain concrete, the aggregate is pushed into the surface of the still-wet concrete. 

At Cincinnati Custom Concrete, we work with you to help you decide which type of exposed aggregate concrete finish is right for your Cincinnati home.

How It Works

To create an exposed aggregate surface, concrete installers pour the concrete, and then once the concrete is poured, the installer wipes away some of the surface cement. This process exposes the aggregate and creates a lasting, decorative concrete surface for any walkway, driveway, or patio outside your home. Because the aggregate adds an extra supportive layer of material, your exposed aggregate surfaces typically last even longer than regular concrete.

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What type of concrete is used for exposed aggregate?

Regular concrete is used for exposed aggregate, and the aggregate is added to the concrete mix or after pouring the concrete.

How long does exposed aggregate last?

The extreme durability of exposed aggregate concrete ensures that it lasts for decades, with regular sealing and maintenance.

What is the advantage of exposed aggregate concrete?

Besides the decorative element, exposed aggregate is resistant to weather extremes, easy to maintain, and easy to clean. 


Is exposed aggregate good for driveways?

Yes! Exposed aggregate is durable and slip-resistant, making it an ideal surface for driveways.

How often should you seal exposed aggregate concrete?

You should apply sealant every couple of years to protect your exposed aggregate concrete surface.