Concrete Pool Decks in Cincinnati, OH

Whether you want to install a new swimming pool deck or need repairs for your stamped concrete pool deck, it’s best to contact the professionals. While searching “concrete pool decks in Cincinnati” online can produce many results, no companies compare to our expert team.

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Concrete Pool Deck

Installing concrete pool decks in Cincinnati, OH, starts with our professional crew. We specialize in installing concrete pool decks that are water- and slip-resistant. Whether you’re worried about safety or overall aesthetics, our team delivers next-level results.

We provide custom pool designs and installations, alongside repair options like resurfacing. We can also diagnose and resolves issues like sinking and an uneven pool deck surface.

Types of Concrete Pool Decks

Our Cincinnati Custom Concrete crew can install different types of concrete pool decks, including a modern stamped concrete pool deck.

A modern stamped concrete pool deck is a type of decorative concrete that resemble various materials, including stone, marble, or tile. Besides resembling the look and feel of these materials, you can also choose from various color schemes and patterns.

Our team does its best to stay up-to-date on the latest trends in outdoor decks and patios. However, we never sacrifice our core values, like straightforward pricing and transparent communication.

How It Works

For many, our process starts when you search “pool decks near me” online. Then, when you call us, you’ll receive a free consultation. This consultation includes an estimate for your project, and once you agree to the price, our team can start repairing or installing your pool.

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When you need the best concrete pool ideas, our Cincinnati Custom Concrete team is here to assist. We can pair you with many materials, colors, textures, patterns, and more.

Our contractors will work directly with you to find the right pool deck for your needs. Contact us today and discover our services by calling (513) 270-2653

What is the least slippery pool deck?

Concrete pool decks are among the least slippery decks you can install. While concrete can get slippery when wet, our crew can add anti-slip resistance.

Is concrete suitable for pool decks?

Pool deck surfaces can take a significant beating from moisture, UV rays, foot traffic, and more. However, concrete, as a material, is incredibly durable.

How long do concrete pool decks last?

Your typical concrete pool deck will last between ten and 15 years. However, this lifespan depends on many factors, including the installation process, what kind of concrete you use, and maintenance frequency.

What kind of concrete do you use for a pool deck?

There are poured-in-place concrete and precast concrete pavers. At Cincinnati Custom Concrete, we only install the highest-quality concrete pool decks in Cincinnati.